Protective Film

Functional PET film is a special type of polyester film that has a layer of coating on one or both sides of the film. The amount and material of the coating greatly determine its properties and functions. Our team, along with our excellent R&D partners, has worked tirelessly to develop a diverse selection of high-performance coated PET films over the years.

Here are some examples of the typical functions and surface properties that can be achieved through coating: Anti-Fog Film, Anti-Fingerprint Film, Anti-Glare Film, Anti-Scratch Film, Anti-Reflective Film, ESD Film, Fluorosilicone Release Liner, Privacy Protection Sheets, and Protective Film. Depending on the functionalities, these films can be used in various industrial fields, like mobile phones, face shields, packaging, display screen, freezer case, mirrors, etc.

Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd. have been a trusted supplier of functional PET films since 2006, with over 15 years of experience in developing custom solutions for demanding applications. Let us assist you in finding the ideal film for your surface needs, and rest assured that your products will have enhanced value.