General Purpose Polymers

A Closer Look at Commodity Plastics

Commodity plastics, also known as commodity polymers or general-purpose plastics, are a type of thermoplastic produced in extremely high volume and commonly used due to their excellent moldability, versatility, and affordability. Commodity plastics are commonly found in numerous everyday products that we use in our daily lives. They are produced for applications that do not really require exceptional properties. Compared with engineering plastics, they have relatively weaker mechanical properties. However, these plastics are still highly functional and serve a wide range of purposes in various industries.

Showcasing Commodity Plastics in Use

Commodity plastics are the backbone of the plastic industry and utilized extensively in various applications. There are 6 major types of commodity plastics: ABS, PE, PMMA, PP, PS, and PVC. They form the foundation of many different plastic products that we use and rely on. Commodity plastics have a wide range of applications in various industries because they are easy to process and very cost-effective. They are commonly used for packaging purposes, as well as in the production of cutlery, food containers, electrical and electronics components, toys, everyday necessities, household products, and even medical devices.