Plastic Resin

A thermoplastic is a plastic polymer material which could be softened and melted through heating and then be processed. Thermoplastics can be subjected to melting and heating many times and show no changes in chemical properties and are easy to form into different shapes, making them a recyclable material and applicable to many industries. By using different kinds of additives, properties of plastic raw materials can be improved even further.

We use a great deal of plastic resin products in our daily lives. Plastic is everywhere and it is an easy material to work with. It has many applications and is available in countless variations. According to the requirements of properties, there are 4 major groups of thermoplastics:Engineering, General-purpose, High-performance, and High temperature. Different kinds of thermoplastic can be used in versatile applications, including consumer goods, medical, sporting equipment, automotive, aerospace, electrical & electronics, and so on.

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