High Performance Polymers

A Comprehensive Look at High Performance Plastics

High Performance Plastics, or high-tech plastics, are a type of plastics that exhibit superior properties, surpassing engineering plastics and commodity plastics. They are typically used in smaller amounts for specialized applications, so they constitute merely around 1% of the overall global plastic production. They are specifically produced to withstand and excel in extreme environments, including high temperatures and high pressures. With outstanding thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties, high performance plastics have become the preferred choice in demanding industries, like medical, military, aerospace where reliability and performance are paramount. Additionally, with the addition of stabilizers or reinforcing materials, some of its properties can be improved or increased even further.

Exploring High Performance Plastic Applications

High performance plastics have become the popular choice in critical applications across a variety of industries, such as glass, medical, automotive, military, aerospace, and food processing, and so on. Also, one noteworthy application is their ability to replace traditional metals. Their exceptional properties and remarkable ability to withstand challenging environments make them invaluable in numerous areas.

The following High Performance Plastics are supplied by Prochase: PEEK, PEI, PES, PPS, and PSU. Whether you need materials for challenging environments, extreme temperatures, high pressure, or demanding performance requirements, Prochase are here to provide you with the perfect solutions.