Polyethersulfone, PES or PESU, is an amorphous and pale amber high-performance thermoplastic that has good transparency and inherently flame resistance, and it is one of the lowest smoke-emitting materials available. PES is known for its dimensional stability at high temperatures in both air and water. It also has good electrical properties, chemical resistance.

  • Outstanding Creep Resistance up to 150°C in the long term.
  • Good Chemical Resistance:Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, greases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols…
  • Good Optical Clarity
  • Very Good Hydrolytic & Sterilization Resistance
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Outstanding Rigidity even at high temperatures.

battery caps, oil pumps, pump housing, oil control pistons, valve pistons, carburetor parts, bearing cages and ignition components, headlights, coil formers, gear pumps, plug-and-socket connectors, IC carry sockets, injection-molded printed circuit boards, parts for power circuit breakers, parts for power contactors and relays, sterilizing boxes, infusion equipment…

Technical Data
Item Property Test Method Unit Value
Physical Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.37
Water Absorption ASTM D570 % 0.54
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 R scale 124
Mechanical Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 psi 3.9 × 105
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 psi 12,000
Tensile Elongation ASTM D638 % 30
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 psi 4.2 × 105
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 psi 16,100
Izod Impact ASTM D256 ft-lb/in 1.3
Thermal Vicat Softening Point ASTM D648 °C/°F 222 / 431
Heat Deflection Temperature at 264 psi ASTM D648 °C/°F 203 / 398
Flammability UL94 - V-0
Electrical Electrical Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 Ω-cm >1015
Surface Resistivity ASTM D257 Ω / sq >1015
Dielectric Constant ASTM D150 1 MHz 3.5
Dissipation Factor ASTM D150 1 MHz 0.0056
Dielectric Strength ASTM D149 V/mm 1.5 × 104