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This agreement is between our company and user of  software (hereinafter referred to as User). This agreement hereby limits the use of customer personal information by our company to those transactions involving both parties. our company shall abide by and comply with the relevant provisions under the Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act to use personal data properly. If our company is found to be in violation of this agreement or of said law, our company agrees to be held liable for damages.

Please read the following carefully:

1. For the purpose of establishing a business relationship between our company and User’s employer (hereinafter referred to as the Company), User must agree to provide our company with User’s contact information (including name, email address, mailing address, telephone, and fax numbers) for the purpose of setting up an account. By accepting this agreement, User agrees to allow our company to collect, process (including establishing User data files for which the User may input, store, edit, correct, copy, search, delete, export, link, or transmit within ASSOMA), use and transfer User’s communication data within our company , its subsidiaries, and agents for the duration where this agreement between our company and the Company is in effect.

2. User may, for User’s own data, inquire, request for access, supplement or correct, request a copy, or request to stop collection, process, and use of User data, or to delete User account, by contacting our company 

3. User acknowledges by providing User’s information for use in the our company computer system constitutes consent for our company  to use User’s information in accordance to Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act.