Anti-Static Film

Anti-static PET Film, also known as ESD PET Film, is designed to eliminating static electricity and protect static-sensitive surfaces. With its anti-static layer, it helps to prevent static electricity from accumulating which could cause sparks and dust attraction, doing the damage to the products. Anti-Static PET Film finds its applications in various fields such as electronics, manufacturing, printing, packaging, and more. Its versatility allows for effective protection in a wide range of industries.

Prochase PET Anti-Static Film, using PET as substrate and coated with acrylic or silicone adhesive, offers excellent protection against electrostatic discharge, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding static-sensitive materials and equipment. Plus, when you peel it off, there won't be any adhesive residue left behind. Discover our extensive range of Anti-Static PET Film and ensure optimum protection against static shocks and potential damage.

  • Superior ESD Protection
  • Optimized Adhesion
  • Transparency and Clarity
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
  • East to peel off. No Residue


packaging, carrier tapes, printing, glass, lens, safeguarding optical and electronic products, die-cutting, stamping processes, speedometers…

Code Adhesive Thickness Surface Resistivity
PTP-8202S Acrylic
50µm 105 ~ 1011 Ω
PTP-5211S  Silicone 100µm
105 ~ 1011 Ω

※ Custom products are available upon request. If you have any requirements, please contact us.