Anti-Static Film

The anti-static film is PET films using anti-static adhesive. It helps to prevent static electricity from accumulating to cause sparks which in turn damage the electronic products. Because of its low adhesion, it can be laminated with plain and smooth substrates. Moreover, there is no residue when you peel off and no static occurred.

  • Stable Electric Surface Resistance
  • High Transparency,Shiny Surface
  • No Residue
Anti-static -
PET 100μm
Silicone Adhesive -
Release PET Film 25μm

Packaging for electronic products, carrier tapes, speedometers…

Technical Data
Items Unit Value Test Method
Total thickness µm 110±5 ASTM E252
Substrate thickness µm 100±3 ASTM E252
Adhesive thickness µm 25±3 ASTM E252
Release Film thickness µm 25±2 -
Peel Adhesion 180° 24hr g/25mm 5±2 JIS Z0237:2009 to 25u PET (no corona side)
Surface Resistivity Ω 105 ~ 1011 ASTM D257
Ageing Test Easy to peel,No residue

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