Anti Fog Film

Anti-Fog Film, also known as anti-condensation film, is a special product designed to prevent fogging on glasses or mirrors. It is perfect for tough environments like hot and humid conditions, indoor and outdoor work, and climate-controlled areas. Its hydrophilic properties make it effective in a wide range of applications, from everyday use to the automotive, food packaging, and leisure industries.

Prochase PET Anti-Fog Film not only provides excellent anti-fog functionality, but also offers exceptional optical clarity and impressive weather durability. Plus, our long-lasting premium AF coating layer ensures clear vision for an extended period of time, even after multiple washes with water.

  • Excellent Surface Hardness
  • High Light Transmittance
  • Stable Adhesion Performance:No residue
  • Pass EN-168 certification


goggles, freezer cases, refrigerators, cameras, windows, face shields, visors, protective clothing, rear mirrors, bathroom mirrors, glasses, masks, and other sports equipment…

Substrate Thickness Adhesive Hydrophilic Layer
50µm OCA 20±2 µm
50µm OCA
10±2 µm
50µm PMMA 20±2 µm
100µm Silicone 10±2 µm

Custom products are available upon request. If you have any requirements, please contact us.