Privacy Protection Film

While taking the bus, train, or subway, you always take out your phone to kill time. However, there will always be some private content you do not want to be seen in public. Maybe you are still worried about this, and Privacy Protection Films can help you to avoid this problem. Privacy Protection Films use physical optical polarizing technology to reduce the viewing angle on your screen. The image is neither blurred nor distorted to you, however, all others from the side of the screen can see is the dark screen. It helps to protect your confidential information in the office or in public.

  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Less Sparkling
  • Smooth Surface
  • No Yellowish
  • Direct Impact Protection

180 degree (2 way privacy film)

PET Protective Film 58±2μm
Privacy Filter 456±20μm
PE Protection Liner 40±2μm
Silicone Adhesive 60μm
Release PET Film 50μm

360 degree (4 way privacy film)

PE Protective Film 45±2μm
Privacy Filter 358±40μm
Adhesive 30±2μm
PET Liner 50±2μm

window glass, glass partitions, touch displays, mobile phones, TVs, LCD Screens…

Item 2 Way 4 Way Remark
Thickness 456±20μm 388±42μm Detected by Micrometer
Viewing Angle 60° ±10 90° ±10 Blocking rate ≥ 90%
Transmittance 72±5 % 60±5 % JIS K7105
Hardness > 2H > 2H Load 750gf
Adhesive - 5±2 gf/25mm KS T 1028

The product specification above is for reference only. Its content is subject to change.