Anti Reflective Film

An Anti-Reflection film is a type of optical film applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. It improves the efficiency of the system since less light is lost and helps to eliminate the multiple images that enhance the color display and brightly colored obviously.

  • Low Reflection:Improve clarity & readability
  • High Transparency ≧ 94%
  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Protect Cover Glass
  • Smooth Surface
Protective Film 50μm
AG Hardcoating 3μm
Polyester Film 100μm
Silicone Adhesive 50μm
Release PET Film 50μm

window glass, acrylic sheets, phone screens, LCD displays, GPS, laptops, digital cameras, gadget, many devices with touch panels…

Technical Data
Item Unit Value Method
Haze % 0.60 JIS K7136 NDH 2000
Transparency % ≧94 JIS K7136 NDH 2000
Thickness µm 150 ± 5 -
Hardness - 2H JIS K 5600-5-4
Scratch Resistance - PASS 200g loading 10 Cycles Steel wool#0000
Adhesive (N/25mm) g 1 JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300mm/min
Adhesion - 100/100 Cross-Cut adhesion test
Reflection % <1.5 JIS K7361
Residue - PASS -
Heat Durability - PASS 85℃, 250H
Humidity Durability - PASS 60℃, 90% RH, 250H

The product specification above is for reference only. Its content is subject to change.