Anti Reflective Film

Anti-Reflective Film, non-reflective film, is a specialized type of optical film specifically designed to minimize the reflection of external light. With its Anti-Reflection coating layer, this film is able to reverse the phase of light, effectively canceling out any interfering waves and greatly reducing reflections. AR film is well-suited for digital display and signage purposes, such as electronic displays, retail displays, glass partitions, and digital signages.

Prochase offers a diverse range of Anti-Reflection Films suitable for multiple applications. It not only enhances the viewing experience by reducing reflections and improving screen clarity, but also serves as a strong barrier to protect your display. This is especially beneficial in environments with bright light that can often disrupt the readability. Our company offers AR film in roll form, and we can accommodate clients' specific dimensional requirements upon request.

  • Reduce Reflections
  • High Transparency
  • Improved Readability
  • Hard Coating Protection
  • Smooth Surface


automotive displays, TV, window displays, acrylic sheets, advertising signages, mobile phones, LCD displays, GPS, laptops, digital cameras, gadget…

Code Thickness Transmission Reflection

100µm ≧94%

Custom products are available upon request.