Fluorosilicone Release Liner

Fluorosilicone release liner is PET films coated with silicone fluorosilicone release agent, providing middle and stable release force in conjunction with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and maintaining good subsequent adhesion strength. In addition, we also provide fluorosilicone release liner with ultra-light release force to 2~3 gram. This silicone release liner series have been successfully applied to various kinds of Silicone Tapes when punch and die cutting.

  • Transparency, Clean, No Rainbow Effect
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Medium & Stable Release Force
  • Low Migration & High SAS
Fluorosilicone Release Agent PET 50μm / 70μm

1. 50μm × 1040mm × 3000M ∕ Roll

2. 75μm × 1040mm × 2000M ∕ Roll

  1. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive based high-performance label
  2. Silicone/Acrylic double side tape
  3. Silicone/Silicone double side tape
  4. Protection for silicone PSA
  5. All tapes which coated with silicone
  6. Healing balm which has silicone ingredient…
Property Dimension Value Temperature Test Method
RF (1 day) g/inch 9 ± 1 25 °C PSTC
RF (1 day) g/inch 9 ± 1 70 °C PSTC
RF (7 days) g/inch 10 ± 1 25 °C PSTC
RF (7 days) g/inch 12 ± 1 70 °C PSTC
SAS - > 90% - PSTC

The product specification above is for reference only. The content of this specification is subject to change.

When applying pressure sensitive adhesive film to any surface, be sure that the surface free of oil or other surface contaminates such as powder, dust, or release agent.

Adhesive performance should be carefully checked when used on substrates containing plasticizers.

Stored properly to maintain proper qualities. Direct exposure to UV or sunlight would deteriorate the performance of release liner. The term of validity is 6 months from the date of shipment.