Fluorosilicone Release Liner

Prochase supplies release liner rolls with fluorosilicone release coating, coated on a PET film. It is also called fluorosilicone release film. It is specifically designed to provide stable release characteristics without fusing when used in conjunction with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives. It also has premium subsequent adhesion strength. The thickness of Prochase release liner is from 25μm to 100μm with maximum width capacity 1090mm and maximum length 5000M. Widely used in specialty industries like label, tape manufacturing, medical and more.

  • Transparent, Clean
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Smoothness
  • Stable Release Force
  • High Subsequent Adhesion
PET Layer Polyester Film
Release Layer Fluorosilicone Release Coating
Color: Transparent
  1. One/Two Side tape
  2. Silicone adhesive tape
  3. Transfer Lettering
  4. Protection for silicone PSA
  5. Specialty labels
Code Thickness Release Force Standard Dimension SAS
6~8 g 1040mm × 5000M
> 85%
8 ± 2 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
75μm 3~5 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
LA-704  100μm
5~10 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
LA-802 50μm
1~3 g
1040mm × 5000M
> 85%

The product specification above is for reference only. The content of this specification is subject to change.

Storage: Store at room temperature below 25℃, away from sunlight.

Shelf Life: Products supplied by Prochase will maintain qualities for a period of 6 months from date of shipment when stored properly.