Fluorosilicone Release Liner

Fluorosilicone Release Liner, also known as a fluorosilicone release film, is a PET film that coated with fluorosilicone release agent. The primary purpose of the fluorosilicone release liner is to offer stable release characteristics without fusing when used in conjunction with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives. In addition to this, it has premium subsequent adhesion strength.

It finds wide application in specialty industries such as label and tape manufacturing, as well as in the medical field and other related sectors. Its versatile properties make it a valuable component in various industries where reliable release performance is essential.

Prochase supplies fluorosilicone release liner roll with thickness from 25μm to 100μm, maximum width capacity 1090mm.

  • Transparent and Clean
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Smoothness
  • Stable Release Force
  • High Subsequent Adhesion
PET Layer Polyester Film
Release Layer Fluorosilicone Release Coating
Color: Transparent
  1. One/Two Side tape
  2. Silicone adhesive tape
  3. Transfer Lettering
  4. Protection for silicone PSA
  5. Specialty labels
Code Thickness Release Force Standard Dimension SAS
6~8 g 1040mm × 5000M
> 85%
5~8 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
75μm 3~5 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
LA-704  100μm
5~10 g 1040mm × 4000M
> 85%
LA-802 50μm
1~3 g
1040mm × 5000M
> 85%
Custom products are available upon request. If you have any requirements, please contact us.