Anti Fingerprint Film


Touchscreens is becoming an important part in our daily life while the fingerprints accumulate on the screens that may block your sight or affect screen use efficiency. Our AFP film improves surface usability and visibility, it offers protection against fingerprints, dust, and oil on the screen. Various applications require surfaces with anti-fingerprint properties, our films are useful not only to screens but also to many surfaces in contact with sebum.

  • Prevent from Fingerprints, Smudge, Dust
  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Excellent Surface Hardness:3H
  • High Level of Abrasion Resistance
  • Stable Adhesion Performance:No residue
  • Light Transmittance > 90%
  • Direct Impact Protection
Protective Film
Hard Coating
Polyester Film 100μm
Silicone Adhesive
Release PET Film
  • Standard Dimension:1040mm × 200M / roll

touch screens, window and glass panels, helmet visors, digital camera, face shields, goggles, NB screens, touch displays, mobile phones, TVs, LCD Screens…

Technical Data
Item Unit Value Method
Total Thickness µm 205±10% -
Haze % <1 JIS K7361
Transmittance % ≧90 JIS K7361
Adhesion of Hard-Coated Surface (Cross cut test) - 0 JIS K5600
Surface Hardness H ≧3H JIS K5600 (500g Loading)
Water contact angle <100 -
Scratch Resistance 100 cycles Pass Steel Wool #0000 (250g Loading)
Peel Strength (SUS Plate) g/25mm <5 JIS Z0237

The product specification above is for reference only. Its content is subject to change.

Item Test Condition Standard
High Temperature & High Humidity Temp:60℃ / Humidity:90% RH / Duration:240 hrs Transmittance and haze are within specs after the test.
High Temperature Storage Temp:80℃ / Duration:240 hrs
Low Temperature Storage Temp:-30℃ / Duration:240 hrs
Thermal Shock Temp:-30℃ (30min) → 80℃ (30min) / 1cycle,100 cycle