Anti Glare Film

Anti-Glare Film, or AG Film, helps eliminate glare and minimize harsh reflections on screens exposed to sunlight or challenging lighting conditions. AG Film is suitable to be used on flat surfaces experiencing glare or reflection, like monitors, store windows, mirrors, and so on. With its silicone adhesive layer, it can be easily applied to the surface.

Prochase Anti-Glare Matte Film has many thickness options and allows over 90% of light to pass through, greatly improves the visibility of the displays working in daylight hours or in the high levels of ambient light, guaranteeing exceptional image quality. Additionally, its matte texture creates a smooth and low-friction surface, making it long-lasting and effortless to clean.

  • Reduce Glare & Reflections
  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Matte Surface
  • High Light Transmittance
  • Effortless to clean



car dashboards, rearview mirror, monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones, window glass, glass partitions, touch displays, TVs, LCD Screens…

Thickness Haze Transparency Hardness
75μm 25% ≧90%
100μm 26% ≧90% 3H/500g

Custom products are available upon request. If you have any requirements, please contact us.