Anti Glare Film

Bothered by bright light and reflections between you and your screen all the time? AG films would be an ideal solution. What does Anti-Glare film do? Anti-Glare films diffuses reflections and helps eliminates glare. It greatly improves the visibility of the content and displays worked in daylight hours or in bright lighting conditions.

  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Less Sparkling
  • Smooth Surface
  • No yellowish
  • Direct Impact Protection
  • 92% Light Transmittance
Protective Film 50μm
AG Hardcoating 5μm
Polyester Film 100μm
Silicone Adhesive 35μm
Release PET Film 50μm

car dashboards, rearview mirror, monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones, window glass, glass partitions, touch displays, TVs, LCD Screens…

Technical Data
Item Normal AS-AG Method
Substrate Thickness 75μm 100μm -
Haze (%) 25±3 ≧26 JIS K7136 NDH 2000
Transparency (%) ≧90 ≧90 JIS K7361 NDH 2000
Gloss (%) <100 <100 ASTM D-1003
Hardness 3H 3H JISK 5400 MITSUBISH (500g)
Scratch Resistance PASS PASS #0000 SW at 500g loading for 10cycles
Adhesion 100/100 100/100 CROSS-CUT TEST
Peel Strength 40-80(g/25mm) 1.02(N/25mm) JIS Z0237 180° PEEL 300MM/MIN (on glass)
Residue PASS PASS -

The product specification above is for reference only. Its content is subject to change.