Anti Scratch Film

Are your products susceptible to scratches? If they are, anti-scratch films avoid damages on the screens by scratches. AF films are designed specifically for the protection of the display panels. It protects surface texture as a barrier between the surface and external factors responsible for the scratching effect.

  • Perfect Scratch Resistance
  • Excellent Surface Hardness
  • High Level of Abrasion Resistance
  • Stable Adhesion Performance:No residue
  • Direct Impact Protection
  • Light Transmittance ≧ 91%
Protective Film 50μm
Hardcoating 5μm
Polyester Film 100μm
Silicone Adhesive 30μm
Release Liner 75μm

helmet visors, digital camera, face shields, goggles, NB screens, touch displays, mobile phones, TVs, LCD Screens, windows…

Technical Data
Item Unit Value Method
Substrate Thickness µm 100 Feeler gauge
Haze % ≦1 ASTM D-1003
Total Transmittance % ≧91 ASTM D-0523
Cross out   5B/-20° ~80° ASTM D-3359
Hardness - 3H/500g ASTM D-3363
Adhesive g 6-9 ASTM D-3359
Gloss % ≦100 ASTM D-1003
Residue - Pass -

The product specification above is for reference only. Its content is subject to change.

Chemical Resistance
Property Test Method Result
Ethanol The chemical was deposited on the surface of the coating and allowed to stand for 30 minutes at temperature. Then the chemical was wiped off and the coating sample evaluated No remarkable change
IPA No remarkable change

The change of the optical and physical characteristic between before and after was measured.