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Item No : Poly Phenylene Sulfide PPS
Product Name : Poly Phenylene Sulfide PPS

PPS is a crystalline polymer obtained by reacting paradichlorobenzene and sodium sulfide in a polar organic solvent. Conventional PPS resins are so - called thermally cross - linked.

Characteristics of PPS

  • Mechanical strength is exceedingly high, with flexural strength in particular exhibiting a high value, Excellent elastic recovery is also possessed.
  • Possesses high toughness, while high values are also exhibited for compression and shear Characteristics.
  • Possesses superior creep characteristics even under high temperatures and loads. In addition,
    Possesses superior fatigue resistance to repetitive stresses.
  • Elongation and impact strength are high, and brittleness, a major drawback of traditional PPS, has been improved significantly.
  • Can withstand immersion in 260 °C solder bath for 10 s, making the resin more than able to cope with electronic component surface mount technologies.
  • Lonic impurities are low, and application is possible in applications where strict electrical properties are demanded.
  • Little change in volume resistivity is shown over time, and there is almost no change in dielectric constant due to frequency or temperature. These characteristics make it an excellent insulative material.
  • Weld strength is high, and superior secondary processability (screws, insertion, etc.) is exhibited.
Applications in PPS

Connectors, sockets, IC card connector, Chip carrier, Gear of Copying machine, Tape recorder heat-mount, Stepping motor shaft, Electric shaver base, Stream hairdryer parts, Solenoid, DAT cylinder base, Water Pump impeller.

Typical data of PPS

Test items Test Standard Units GF30-V0 GF40-V0
Glass Fibre - % 30 40
Specific Gravity ASTMD792 - 1.57 1.67
Water Absorption ASTMD570 % 0.02 0.02
Tensile Strength ASTMD638 Mpa 152 178
Elongation ASTMD638 % 2.0 2.2
Flexural Strength ASTMD790 Mpa 203 256
Flexural Modulus ASTMD790 Mpa 10765 13843
IZOD Notched Impact strength ASTMD256 J/M² 73 77
Rockwell Hardness ASTMD785 R R121 R124
Heat Deflection Temp ASTMD648 °C 260 260
Flammability Rating SGS UL-94 V-0 V-0
Moulding Shrinkage TD - % 0.30
All tests were run under laboratory conditions ASTM testing Procedures,The data are intended as general guide only.