SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene)

SEBS polymer is a form of thermoplastic elastomer with styrene added. SEBS is a hydrogenated grade of styrene-butadiene-styrene. It behaves like rubber without undergoing vulcanization. SEBS combine the typical advantages of rubber and plastic materials. It is a strong and flexible material which has excellent heat and UV resistance and is easy to process. The chemical resistance of SEBS is similar to natural rubber. SEBS elastomers are often blended with other polymers to enhance their performance.

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance:Resistant to bases, acids, alcohols, detergents, water solutions…
  • High Abrasion & Fatigue Resistance
  • O2, O3, UV & Weathering Resistance
  • High Temperature Tolerance
  • High Elastic Recovery over a wide temperature range

footwear goods, keypads, glass encapsulation, adhesive tapes, sealants, coatings, TPE compounding, plastic modification, handlebar grips, appliances handle, toothbrushes, sports mouth guards, flippers, snorkels, ski boots, diapers, teethers, wine corks…