POE (Polyolefin Elastomer)

Polyolefin elastomers, POE, are a class of polymers which based on a polyethylene backbone. It can replace numerous generic polymers like EPR, EVA, SBC, PVC. POE has got attention because of its excellent performance with an outstanding balance of properties. It offers low density, high flexibility, chemical resistance, processing advantages. In addition, it is commonly used to make PE or PP molded products more flexible. And they good processing characteristics whether molding, compounding, blending.

  • Outstanding Physical Properties
  • Low Modulus & High Flexibility
  • Low Crystallinity & Low Glass Transition Temperature
  • High Impact Strength at low temperature in compounds
  • Good Compatibility with other polyolefins

automotive, wire and cable, film applications, medical products, adhesives, footwear, foams…

Technical Data

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