PA6T (Polyamide 6T)

PA6T is a high temperature, high-performance nylon. It is similar in most properties to nylon 6 and 66, but it offers higher temperature resistance, lower moisture absorption and better retention of properties compared to them. And these outstanding characteristics make it suitable in many fields like automotive, mechanical, electrical and electronic.

  • High Temperature Rigidity:PA6T has good stability and rigidity over a wide temperature range since it retains a relatively high modulus at high temperatures.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance:Demonstrating the best chemical resistance of all polyamide resin.
  • Low Water Absorption:PA6T’s water absorption is relatively low comparing to other nylon resins.
  • Outstanding Dimensional Stability:Its thermal expansion coefficient keeps at a low level in the elevated temperature range. So, its dimensional stability against temperature changes is good.
  • Excellent Liquidity:PA6T has good melt fluidity and is easily processed by injection molding.
  • Good Solder Resistance:PA6T shows excellent reflow solderability due to its high melting point and high heat distortion temperature. Therefore, It especially suitable for use in electronic connectors for SMT.

electronic connectors, jacks, switches, circuit breakers, oil pump housing, intercoolers, LED reflectors…

Technical Data
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