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FAP-8611-J. an anti static PET protective film which coated anti-static adhesive onto PET film surface under clean room, there is anti-static effects in adhesive. Due to low adhesion, therefore it can be laminated with plain and smooth substrates, more further its appears will be no residue when you peel off and no static occurred.

anti-static on surface and adhesive, easy rework, no residue, low adhesion

Glass penal, LCD screens, protection of electronic products, protection of optical film, protect dust contamination or adsorption under manufacturing processing.



Items Unit Value Test Method
Adhesive PMMA acrylic    
Total thickness µm 60±2 0/00
Substrate thickness µm 38±2 0/00
Adhesive thickness µm 22±1 0/00
Release film thickness µm 25±2 0/00
Adhesion (N/25mm) 0.3m/min 0.03
Angle of peel off by 180°
30m/min 1.70
OHM value Ω 1010  
Backside performance smudge °  
printing °
Temperature °C -40 ~ +80  

1,280mm * 200M / roll

25 ± 2°C in warehouse, 6 months