Applications :
It can be used for panels or screens of IPod, Iphone, Ipad, smart phone, digital camera, LCD....electronic products! further more, it alss can be used for interior window decoration of architectures!

Item No : 8214k AF

Product description:

8214k AF, Non-Rainbow type, Real-color and Anti-fingerprint. for the protection of smart phones, tablet pad, display screen

Product structure:

The substrate is a PET Film, the standard of thickness is 100um.
PSA Layer is silicon PSA.


Property Test Method Result
Transmittance(400~700nm) Transmittance Tester Ave.92

Physical Property

Property Test Method Result
Pencil Hardness 1kgf (ASTM D3363/ JIS K5600) 2H
Surface Abrasion Steel wool(#0000) at 750g/cm2
(ASTM D1044)
Adhesion 10x10 sections (ASTM D3359/ JIS D0202) 100/100
Note: Values assigned represent the results of tests conducted and are not standard values guaranteed.

Chemical resistance

Property Test Method Result
Ethanol The chemical was deposited on the surface of the coating and allowed to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature. Then the chemical was wiped off and the coating sample evaluated. No remarkable change
IPA No remarkable change No remarkable change
Note 1: The change of the optical and physical characteristic between before and after test was measured.