Anti Fog Film Product Description :
The high quality anti-fog film products designed to satisfy the needs of the single use, disposable eyewear market. The anti-fog film prevents formation of vision obscuring fog by means of our condensation control technology.
These anti-fog treated films provide greater durability and better anti-fog performance even after long-term storage.

Structure :
Anti fog treatment on surface of PET film
50μm transparent PET film ( substrate )
Coated Acrylic adhesive ( strong adhesive ) or Coated silicone adhesive ( easy to peel off )
25μm release PET film
  1. Sporting goods : hydroscope, Frog mirror, goggles.
  2. Constructions : mirrors of bathing, inside glasses of high mountain and high latitude architectures, inside glasses of spring hotel...
  3. Consumer goods : anti fog film of spectacles, helmets.
  4. Car goods : Mirrors of all kinds of cars and trucks.
  5. freezing equipment : freezing glasses, window, refrigerated equipments...
Products available :
  1. PET Anti fog treatment film. (PAF1812).
  2. Anti fog of PET protective film which coated Acrylic adhesive on the back side of substrate. ( strong adhesive force ) ( PAF 1812-A ).
  3. Anti fog of PET protective film which coated silicone adhesive on the back side of substrate. ( easy to peel off ) ( PAF 1812-S ).
  4. We also can offer different thickness of anti fog film depending on your potential order if you need!

Properties of anti fog film :

Data & results
Test methods
JIS K 736-1
JIS K 736-1
Testing by scraper
ASTM D 3359-02
Touching (Angle°)
Reliability of anti fog function
Anti fog under steaming 65°C and 20 mins
Anti fog under 80°C steaming 30 secs.~2mins
  • Put anti fog film under -18°C environment, the anti fig effect shall be disappeared within one minute.
  • Put anti fog film dipping in the warming water, drying after 12 hours under R.H. 50%, temperature 23°C, then using 50±5°C steam to spray, that can still has anti fog effect constantly after 10 seconds..

Storage in room temperature 25±2°C. in order to prevent shine from UV light and Sunshine, we suggest it has better using within 6 months.

Dimension: 1,000 mm * 200M/roll . ( MOQ : 3,000 m² but can be discussed with us if you have some difficulty ).

Anti Fog Film