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Item No : Polyamide 46 PA46
Product Name : Polyamide 46 PA46

Pa46 (NYLON 46) is a high performance, high temperature polyamide providing unmatched performance and value across an amazingly broad range of automotive and electronic applications.

Characteristics of PA9T
  • The water absorbency of PA9T is the lowest among high heat resistant polyamides.
  • PA9T has superior heat resistance (blister resistance) and corresponds well to lead-free solder.
  • PA9T keeps its superior mechanical properties at higher temperatures.
  • Due to its low water absorption, PA9T has a superior dimensional stability.
  • Compared to other heat resistant polyamides, the electric properties of PA9T are stable for its low water absorbency.
  • PA9T has superior chemical resistance in the class of heat resistant polyamides.
  • PA9T also shows superior abrasion resistance, as do other polyamides as a typical property.
  • The regrind of PA9T can be taken at 30-50% percentage with new virgin.
Applications in PA9T

Connectors, Jacks, Switches, Power terminal, Various electric case, Cylinder head covers, Auto parts, Thermostat cases, Hydraulic pistons, Oil pump housing, Light-load tribological parts, OA equipments, Cooling system parts, Roller parts, Pulley parts.

Typical data of PA46

Test items Test Standard Units GF30-V0 GF40-V0
Glass Fibre - % 30 40
Specific Gravity ASTMD792 - 1.68 1.65
Water Absorption ASTMD570 % 0.9 0.3
Tensile Strength ASTMD638 Mpa 180 175
Elongation ASTMD638 % 3.5 2
Flexural Strength ASTMD790 Mpa 255 235
Flexural Modulus ASTMD790 Mpa 12500 13520
IZOD Notched Impact strength ASTMD256 J/M2 78 78
Rockwell Hardness ASTMD785 R R121 R121
Heat Deflection Temp ASTMD648 °C 285 285
Flammability Rating S G S UL-94 V-0 V-0
Moulding Shrinkage TD - % 0.18
All tests were run under laboratory conditions ASTM testing Procedures,The data are intended as general guide only.