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Item No: Thermoplastic Elastomer
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thermoplastic elastomer

We serve following Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE): TPR (SBS, SEBS), TPU, TPV (such as AES Santoprene), TPEE (such as Dupont Hytrel), POE (SUCH AS Dupont Engage, Mitsui Tafma ).

* TPR: Thermal Polyurethane. There are two kinds of ester and ether. Ether is better than ester in anti-hydrolysis. Applications are for sporting parts, shoes parts, roller, shoulder belt of bra, films, wire and cable.

* TPV: Thermoplastic Vulcanizate - TPE with a chemically Cross linking rubbery phase, produced by dynamic vulcanization. Its heat deflation temperature and chemical properties is better than most of TPE. applications are for all kinds of grip, bike pad, wall seals, sporting parts.

* TPEE: Thermoplastic ester elastomer. This materials has excellent flexibility and modulus are better than all kinds of TPE. It is suitable for boot, buckle, muted gear, PBT modifiers, sporting goods.

* POE: Polyolefin elastomer. Suitable foe PP impact modifiers or blend with EVA to expand (form) and apply for shoes sole.

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