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PTF-161 Series Fluorosilicone Release Liner

Product Description:
PTF-161 series release liner is based on different kinds of polyester film top coated with Fluoro silicone release agent, it was especially designed not only to provide stable and consistent medium release force when in contact with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives, but also maintain good subsequent adhesion strength. In addition, we also can provide new fluoro siliconed release liner with ultra super light release force to 2~3 gram, this silicone release liner series specially design for matching 3M series of Silicone Tapes when punch & die cutting.

Thickness 50µm< 75µm
Product No. PTF-1612 PTF-1613
Applications of Fluorosilicone Release Liner:
  1. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive based high performance label.
  2. Silicone/ Acrylic double side tape.
  3. Silicone / Silicone double side tape.
  4. All tapes which coated with silicone
  5. Healing balm which has silicone ingredient
Release Performance Characteristics:
Property Dimension Temperature Test Method Value
RF (1 day) g/inch 25 °C PSTC 9 ± 1
RF (1 day) g/inch 70 °C PSTC 9 ± 1
RF (7 days) g/inch 25 °C PSTC 10 ± 1
RF (7 days) g/inch 70 °C PSTC 12 ± 1
SAS     PSTC > 90%

PTF-161 series provide very consistent and stable release force against a variety of silicone pressure sensitive adhesives. The test figures showed below:

General Information Descriptions:
  1. Transparency, Clean & Clear, No rainbow phenomenon.
  2. Medium and stable release force.
  3. Very low migration and high subsequent adhesion strength (SAS).

Storage Condition & Usable Life:
PTF-161 series release liner should be stored properly to maintain proper qualities; direct contact with UV or sunlight would deteriorate the performance of release liner. The best usable life of PTF-161 series is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Product specification:

  1. 1,020mm x 3,000 M (1612)
  2. 1,040mm x 2,000 M (1613)