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Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, the initial business is a plastics compounding company which compound all kinds of high temperature engineering plastics such as PPS, LCP, PA9T, PA6T, PA46 and composite high functional engineering plastics reinforced PA66, PA6. We also provide many kinds of elastomers, the main elastomers are EMA, EEA, EBA, TPEE, POE etc...

2006, in order to match the trend and the coming years of touch screen era, we invest and set up a precise film coating company, we develop several kinds of high performance PET coating film for the smart phones, tablet pads, ultra book, LCD, digital cameras medical screens...

We provides a large number of quantity of fluorosilicone release liner for the world market, we also offer our famous anti scratch, anti glare, anti finger print and privacy protective films for the world.

2012, we have developed without Acidity adhesive PET protective film, without fine (powder) PET protective film while die cutting and PET protective film coated Polyurethane (PU) adhesive.

We are looking for a reliable and powerful group to be our country's agent to sell our most of products, it is win-win business, contact us if you have interested in this agent. Be trust us ! Prochase Co. is your best option !